Lola Almudevar was the daughter of Monica Stoppleman and Mariano Almudevar. Lola died at the age of 29 in a road accident in November 2007 while working as a journalist in Bolivia.

Lola was a vivid and talented person who, after being appointed Young European of the Year by the Schwartzkopf Foundation and spending some time at the European Parliament, joined the BBC as a radio journalist trainee. She progressed swiftly at the BBC and was a producer/director at BBC Birmingham when she decided to take some time out to travel in South America, where her good command of Spanish would be a virtue. She arrived in Bolivia early in 2007, and began to research and file news and features for the BBC and other media, including several pieces for From Our Own Correspondent. She loved Bolivia, and its people took to her. She was engaged with the plight of the people of the Altiplano at the time when, at night on a remote road, in pursuit of a story, the vehicle she was travelling in was in collision with a previous crash, and she was fatally injured

Posthumously the BBC World Service awarded her Programme Maker of the Year 2007.

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